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Prescription Forms

There are two main parts to the printed prescription form that you will receive from us.

The left hand side details the medication you have been prescribed and need to collect from a chemist, or if you qualify for this service, from our dispensary (see previous page).

Note: the "notes overleaf" referred to at the bottom of the form relate to whether or not you have to pay for your prescriptions.

The right hand side is for you to tear off and keep until you are running low on your prescribed medication. This side will be blank if you are unlikely to need the medication again. However, if you think that you will need it again please consult your doctor.

If you do have a repeat prescription arranged then complete by ticking:

  1. which medication you require
  2. where you want to collect it

Finally return the right-hand side of the form to the surgery and we will arrange for your medication to be available in your preferred location.

A date for your medication review is also given on this side of the form. You may not be prescribed medication after this date until the review has been completed. (see above)