Nene Valley Surgery
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Minor Injuries Service

This service is available to anyone who is NOT a patient at another practice in the area.

Our Minor Injuries Service exists to reduce pressure on the local A&E departments and is available to all patients who live or work in the area.

Our waiting times are typically much shorter than the major A&E departments.

Injuries which can be dealt with are usually less than 48 hours old and traumatic in origin of a self-presenting “walking-wounded” type. Ambulance cases are not accepted.

The following list gives an idea of what we deal with, but it is not comprehensive:

  • Following recent injury where it is suspected stitches may be required. Lacerations capable of closure by simple techniques (suturing, gluing).
  • Cuts, bruises, grazes.
  • Foreign bodies in skin or non-penetrating eye injuries.
  • Recent injuries not amenable to simple domestic first aid.
  • Blows to the head where there has been no loss of consciousness.
  • Partial thickness burns or scalds.
  • Minor trauma to hands, limbs or feet.

Visit Your Nearest Minor Injury Unit:

Open 8am-8pm, every day of the year.
Willowbrook Health Complex, NN17 2UR.