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Diabetes Clinic

Diabetes Mellitus

This is a condition which affects the sugar levels in the blood where the amount of insulin prodiced by the pancreas is insufficient or is not used properly by your body.

Insulin helps the body to take up glucose (sugar) from the blood into body cells to be used for energy.

The pancreas (an important organ of the body) can be affected, giving rise to two sorts of diabetes:

  • TYPE 1
    This is common in young people who need injections of insulin and regular monitoring of blood sugar levels.
  • TYPE 2
    This is more common in overweight adults, particularly older people, who need to be careful with their diet, often lose weight and take regular exercise.

Diagnosis is based on raised fasting blood sugars and once identified the doctor will consider a range of issues to improve your health.

Our diabetic patients are reviewed regularly, at least annually, in conjunction with the hospital. All such patients are invited to make an appointment with the practice diabetic nurse, or doctor, for a check.
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